If you're looking for a new business opportunity, look no further than becoming an E-Z-GO Authorized Dealer.

E-Z-GO Authorized Dealers have the ability to capitalize on a global brand with a history of more than 57 years of leadership in the light-transportation industry. Our dealers sell a proven product line of more than 30 different vehicle models to appeal to a variety of customer groups, with vehicles built in a manufacturing facility world-renowned for its quality and operational excellence. Our dealers are also backed by a dedicated, dependable and highly trained service organization to help you address the needs and demands of today's consumer.

As an E-Z-GO Dealer, you will have access to programs and tools to help you market and sell E-Z-GO product and grow your business. Programs available to our dealers include floorplan inventory financing; non-recourse consumer financing programs from reputable, nationally known lenders; co-op marketing funds; "service schools" taught by highly experienced members of E-Z-GO's service team; access to a wide variety of marketing tools and materials, among others.

An Authorized E-Z-GO Dealership is an excellent option for established companies seeking to diversify their product and service offerings and find new revenue streams. If you're interested in becoming an E-Z-GO dealer, please review the requirements and expectations below and complete the information form using the link at the bottom of the page.


E-Z-GO Authorized Dealers must have a physical location in a primary road location visible to traffic.

All dealership locations must have an internally illuminated sign. Signage should be visible to retail traffic flow and either permanently affixed to the building or mounted on a pole or monument structure.

Where legally able, dealers should display E-Z-GO product outside.

All dealership locations must have adequate space for customer parking. Dealers are expected to maintain clean, well-lit, landscaped storefronts that reflect positively on the dealership and the E-Z-GO brand.

E-Z-GO Authorized Dealers must display a posted set of regular business hours that are strictly observed. Business hours should be reasonable to meet the needs of the specific market area and retail traffic flow. Recommended business hours are at least six (6) days per week, including at least eight (8) hours per day on weekdays and at least five (5) hours on Saturday.

E-Z-GO Authorized Dealers must have at least 800 square feet of showroom space. If dealers sell product lines from other manufacturers, dealers should display at least as many E-Z-GO vehicles as are displayed for other manufacturers.

The E-Z-GO brand must be displayed in dealer showrooms in a manner equal in size and stature to any other manufacturers represented.

To maintain the integrity of the E-Z-GO brand, dealers are expected to maintain clean, organized, well-lit showrooms. Floors and walls should be completely finished to provide a proper backdrop for display of E-Z-GO products and branding.

E-Z-GO Authorized Dealers are expected to dedicate a minimum of 100 linear feet of showroom space for display of E-Z-GO Genuine Parts and Accessories.

Service areas, whole goods storage areas, and parts storage areas must be dedicated spaces separate from the showroom. A secured storage area should be maintained for crated units and units being serviced.

E-Z-GO Authorized Dealers must have a forklift for unloading product, and employ at least one licensed forklift operator to operate the vehicle. E-Z-GO Low Speed Vehicle (LSV) dealers must have forklifts with extended forks.


E-Z-GO Authorized Dealers must have at least one (1) computer with access to the Internet, an e-mail account and printing capabilities. Dealers should maintain at least one (1) telephone line and at least one (1) e-mail account for their business, separate from any personal telephone numbers or e-mail accounts.

Dealers must employ a full-time service manager and a minimum of one (1) full-time service technician for each E-Z-GO product line carried.

E-Z-GO Authorized Dealers must carry all current tools required to service and maintain E-Z-GO products, and should have available service publications for the last 10 model years of E-Z-GO products.

Salespeople must be trained and knowledgeable about all E-Z-GO products carried. If the dealer is an LSV dealer, there should be a dedicated outside salesperson/advocate for the LSV product line.

All E-Z-GO Authorized Dealers must apply for a minimum of $350,000 credit line.

For more information on becoming a dealer, please contact CJ Brady at cbrady@textron.com.