72-Volt Technology

Looking Ahead

Through continuous innovation, E-Z-GO has proven to be an industry leader for over 60 years. To carry on the tradition of innovation, in 2022, we are transitioning production of traditional lead-acid batteries and doubling down on our ELiTE Lithium technology. ELiTE Lithium vehicles are leading the industry in both power and clean energy. ELiTE Lithium vehicles provide extended range, faster charging times, and produce 95% less harmful waste when compared to 72-Volt lead-acid batteries. We look forward to going further than ever before while we build a safer and cleaner world for our future generations. 

Charge less. go more.

Whether you’re going on a spin around the neighborhood or headed off the beaten path, E-Z-GO 72-volt vehicles have the unmatched power to take you there. Everything about them was designed to give you a premium experience.

  • AC drivetrain is up to 25% more efficient than competitive DC models
  • Recharge fast with an available high-capacity, on-board 1500w charger
  • Full-time regenerative braking gives you extended drive time with family and friends
  • Top off batteries anytime with opportunity charging
  • 72V technology extends both daily range and battery life