It's a Ride Like No Other

EX1 is a First-Of-Its-Kind Gas Engine Designed For Golf Carts
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"The newest car from E-Z-GO is Quieter, Bar None."
Chris Brown
Director of Golf
Tobacco Road Golf Club- Sanford, NC
"Very Smooth Riding and Driving."
Caleb Blass
Head Golf Professional
The Broadmoor Golf Club- Colorado Springs, CO

WE perfected everything

When we created a first-of-its-kind, purpose-built gas engine for golf cars, we knew we had to deliver performance no one else could match. So no detail of EX1’s design was too small to examine and refine.

  • The EX1 electric fuel injection (EFI) system not only optimizes your miles-per-gallon but also produces the lowest emissions of any golf car on the market.
  • Smart Engine Management monitors the electrical system, shutting off accessories when they’re not in use, helping to make EX1 the industry’s most efficient engine.

  • An integrated starter/generator lets EX1 work like a hybrid engine, auto starting and stopping as needed for fuel economy.

  • Fewer wear parts and two-year oil change intervals mean you spend less time and money maintaining EX1.

  • With its smaller, faster-spinning 150cc design, EX1 is the pinnacle of quiet efficiency. Competitors rely on oversized, generic industrial engines which generate the thump usually associated with gas golf carts.

  • Thanks to EX1’s starting clutch, you’ll hear none of the downhill belt whine you experience in other cars.

What Are You Really Driving?

EX1 Gas Powertrain

Competitors’ carts use the same generic industrial engines as power washers or generators. E-Z-GO’s EX1 was designed and purpose-built for golf carts. Once you see what’s behind other vehicles’ lackluster performance, you’ll understand why EX1 is superior to anything you’ve driven before. You can use our calculators to figure out how your fleet compares to E-Z-GO and competitive vehicles.

There is an EX1 For You

We offer multiple EX1-powered models with plenty of options, so you can deliver the perfect experience for your players.

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