It's Good to GO Green

Always Driving For the Green

With a legacy spanning 70 years, E‑Z‑GO has consistently answered the call for innovation. Whether it's on the course, by the lake, or anywhere along the way, we have always been committed to keeping our green spaces green. From day one, E-Z-GO has been doing its part by investing in technologies that are as sustainable as they are efficient. As leaders in golf cart vehicles and technologies, our commitment to reducing the environmental impact of our products is stronger today than ever.

An E-Z-GO golf cart driving down a path with mountains and a sunset in the background.

Leading Lead-Free

Efficiency drives sustainability. Our ELiTE™ Lithium vehicles forgo outdated lead-acid batteries in favor of Samsung's SDI lithium battery technology to provide not only top-level performance but also the cleanest way forward.

Two women drive an E-Z-GO golf cart down a neighborhood street.

Gas-Powered with Purpose

When your situation calls for gas power, E-Z-GO’s EX1 answers with increased efficiency and best-in-class fuel economy. With 60% fewer emissions than our closest competitor, EX1 gets more go out of every tank. 

Be a Green Ambassador

Is sustainability a priority for your course? Join the club. Share your ideas and help further green initiatives by joining E-Z-GO’s Green Ambassadors program.