Quality & Craftsmanship

At Home in Augusta

Since 1954, E-Z-GO has proudly handcrafted each vehicle in Augusta, GA. Whether you’re a lifelong owner, or getting in your first cart, you can trust that your vehicle was assembled right, right here.

Engineered with Precision

Each E-Z-GO is a testament to precision engineering, featuring meticulous design and manufacturing processes. Our cutting-edge technology and attention to detail ensures a durable product that lasts.

An E-Z-GO employee works on the frame of a vehicle on the production line.

Craftsmanship and Material Selection

Carefully chosen materials enhance each E-Z-GO's structural integrity for a smooth ride. Our commitment to masterful craftsmanship ensures superior golf cart in form and function.

E-Z-GO vehicles on a factory assembly line.

Durability Testing

We subject our golf carts to rigorous durability testing. Combined, our extensive tests and stringent quality control measures translate into golf cars with a longer lifespan compared to competitors.

An E-Z-GO golf cart in the foreground as a golfer walks away with a golf club in hand.

Innovative Technology Integration

We lead the industry through our innovative technologies. Course management systems, ELiTE™ Lithium powertrains, and smart connectivity options give E-Z-GO riders a cutting-edge user experience.

E-Z-GO passengers enjoy a speedy ride in a blue golf cart.

Attention to User Experience

We prioritize the user experience in every design choice and function in our vehicles. From ergonomic design to user-friendly controls, our golf carts offer a comfortable and enjoyable ride. At E-Z-GO, we make every ride a positive user experience.

A woman and man ride an E-Z-GO Valor model down a winding path.

Environmental Responsibility

Setting a new standard for responsibility, E-Z-GO incorporates eco-friendly measures into its manufacturing. From energy-efficient technologies to recyclable materials, our commitment to sustainability reflects our dedication to a greener future.

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Choose E-Z-GO for a golf cart experience that combines precision, durability, craftsmanship, innovation, user-centric design, and environmental responsibility – qualities that redefine industry standards.

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