Take on New Roads in E‑Z‑GO’s Liberty LSV

The Liberty LSV will give a whole new perspective on going for a ride. Traditional PTVs have far fewer restrictions around them than low-speed vehicles, so in many communities a PTV is all you need. For those that require a federally approved vehicle for roads, the Liberty LSV can get you wherever you need to go.



E‑Z‑GO Liberty LSV

E‑Z‑GO Express, Freedom, & Valor

Headlights & Taillights
Rearview Mirror
DOT Windshield +✓
DOT Seatbelt +✓
Turn Signals +✓
VIN Number x
Backup Camera x
Top Speed of 25 mph x
Street Legal x
Infotainment +✓ +✓
FMVSS 500 x
SAE J2358 x

✓- Included

+✓- Optional Addition

x- Not included

Why an E‑Z‑GO Liberty LSV?

E‑Z‑GO®'s Liberty LSV has top of the line safety features, as well as additional connectivity features, like an optional Infotainment System with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capabilities. The Liberty LSV continues to provide premium performance with an ELiTE Lithium drivetrain, powered by Samsung SDI, with long-lasting range achieved in half the charging time needed by traditional lead-acid vehicles.

New LSV Callout for Golf Cart

A New Way To Go

Two riders in their E-Z-GO Liberty LSV, driving down a path lined with palm trees alongside the ocean

Picking up the Pace

LSV's allow you to travel up to 25 mph.

The rear end of an E-Z-GO Liberty LSV vehicle.

Excellent Safety Standards

SAE J2358 Industry Standard and FMVSS 500 Federal Standard.

One driver and three passengers ride in an E-Z-GO Liberty LSV down a shopping street.

Weight Limit

Weight of under 3000 lbs.

Passengers wearing seat belts in their E-Z-GO Liberty LSV.

Seatbelts for Everyone

Seatbelts are included.

E-Z-GO Liberty LSV Walkaround

Get to know the All-New Liberty LSV by E-Z-GO.

Know Where You Can Drive

Understand where you can take an LSV vehicle.

A couple driving an E-Z-GO golf cart.

You can drive an LSV on any public road with speed limits of 35mph or less (unless there are local restrictions – be sure to check your local laws). This also includes neighborhoods, recreational spaces, campgrounds and parks.

A couple driving an E-Z-GO golf cart down a street.

So what is an NEV? NEV, or Neighborhood Electric Vehicle, is another name used for the LSV. While most states use the term LSV to describe these vehicles, some states use NEV as an interchangeable term.


The E‑Z‑GO Liberty LSV follows the FMVSS 500 federal standard and SAE J2358 industry standard for low-speed vehicles. Check with your local rules and regulations to find out more about your area-specific restrictions.