EX1 Gas Engine

An Engine Like No Other

A unique driving experience to match. Take one ride in an E-Z-GO® EX1-powered vehicle and you’ll understand — it changes everything. EX1 is a first-of-its-kind gas engine custom-designed for the unique needs of a golf cart. It delivers a refined driving experience unmatched by anything else on the market today.

An E-Z-GO golf cart driving down a winding path.

Best-in-Class Fuel Economy

EX1 has advanced technology to get more miles from every gallon. That means you'll save big on fuel costs, while still enjoying premium a E-Z-GO experience.

Two golfers ride their E-Z-GO golf cart alongside the water.

A Smooth, Quiet Ride

No belt whine, no thumping, no lurching, and reduced operating noise all around. It’s not just a ride, it’s an experience.

An E-Z-GO golf cart

Responsive Acceleration

With EX1, there’s none of the lurching common to other golf carts. With a touch of the pedal, E-Z-GO responds with smooth acceleration and stops.

A group of golfers surrounding two E-Z-GO golf cart models.

Lowest Cost of Operation

Where else can you save with E-Z-GO’s EX1? With easier maintenance, 2 year oil change intervals, fewer wear parts and excellent fuel efficiency, EX1 is a top choice that’s easy on your bottom line.

It's Not Just a Golf Cart. It's Perfection.

With a first-of-its-kind, purpose-built gas engine for golf carts, E-Z-GO delivers performance no one else can match. So no detail of EX1’s design was too small to examine and refine.

Golfers make their way back to their E-Z-GO golf cart.

The EX1 electric fuel injection (EFI) system not only optimizes your miles-per-gallon, it produces the lowest emissions of any golf car on the market.

An E-Z-GO golf cart sitting on a golf course.

Smart Engine Management monitors the electrical system, shutting off accessories when they’re not in use. That helps make EX1 the industry’s most efficient engine.

A golfer departing their E-Z-GO golf cart.

An integrated starter/generator lets EX1 auto start and stop as needed to maximize fuel economy.

An E-Z-GO golf cart sitting next to a golf course hole.

With its smaller, faster-spinning 150cc design, EX1 is the pinnacle of quiet efficiency. Competitors can only wish for an engine this small and this powerful.


See the Savings For Yourself

Other golf carts use the same generic industrial engines seen in power washers or generators. E‑Z‑GO’s EX1 was designed and purpose-built for golf carts, putting efficiency and performance first. Use the savings calculator to truly see how your current fleet compares to E‑Z‑GO and competitive vehicles.

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