The Next Evolution in Fleet Management

You Set the Pace

Pace Technology is paving the way for more efficient course management and maintenance. Advanced GPS-based tools make monitoring your fleet, updating pin placements, and even communicating with golfers easier than ever. Innovate the way you manage your course and amplify your guests’ experience with cutting-edge Pace Technology.

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The Ultimate Fleet Management Tool

See the impact Pace Technology has made on fleet management and the golfing experience at Sea Island Golf Club.

Three Key Solutions for Your Course

  • Shield

    Monitor your golf carts anytime and anywhere from your computer, smartphone, or tablet with Shield’s screenless web-based system.

    • Schedule Vehicle Lockdowns
    • Set Vehicle Boundaries to Protect Vehicles and Course
    • Track Fault History
    • View Vehicle Travel History Reports
  • 7” & 10” Enhanced Graphics Screen

    Enjoy all the benefits of Shield, plus a screen-based solution that enhances golfer experience and provides ways for your course to generate revenue.

    • Site Map with Interactive Touch Screen
    • Multimedia Advertising
    • Two-Way Messaging
    • Enhanced Vehicle Boundaries with Speed Enforcement Areas
  • TruPin

    Use submeter GPS technology to provide the most precise pin positions on the market to golfers through Pace Technology screens or their GolfLogix app.

    • Set Pin Position Within 1 Meter
    • Set Tee Markers on Par 3 Holes for “Exact Distance” to the Hole
    • View Updates Instantly on Pace Technology Screens
    Watch TruPin in Action

    See the difference TruPin Technology has made in the golfer's experience at Frederica Golf Club.

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Premium Partnerships

Our premium partnerships make every E-Z-GO® experience one your guests won't soon forget.

Pace Technology

Automated Weather Alerts

All Pace Technology screens show users real-time weather radar and automated alerts for the surrounding area through our partnerships with Perry Weather and Thor Guard.

A hand keeping score on their Pace screen

Tournament Live Leaderboards

Thanks to partnerships with Golf Genius and Vision Perfect, golfers can enjoy easy, hole-by-hole scoring right on their screen. Sync real-time scores and live leaderboards right to everyone’s vehicle.

Heat map by GolfLogix on a Pace Technology screen


Pace Technology is partnered with GolfLogix to offer a superior golfing experience. Pace Technology users can now access heat maps of greens provided by GolfLogix.

Revolutionize the Golfer Experience.

When your golfers play your course, they deserve a premium cart experience to match. Adding Pace Technology’s interactive screens to your E-Z-GO fleet gives your golfers more control over their game and more confidence on the course.

  • Food and Beverage Ordering

    Increase revenue and improve golfer experience with food and beverage ordering right from their golf cart. 

  • Music Pairing

    Allow your golfers to enhance their experience even further by pairing their personal music or their favorite FM station with the Pace Technology screen.

  • Two-Way Messaging

    Keep your golfers in the loop with important notifications. With two-way messaging, if they need anything, they can notify you as well.

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