ELiTE Lithium Powertrain

Unbeatable efficiency. Unstoppable performance.

Power your next adventure with E-Z-GO® ELiTE™ lithium powertrain activated by Samsung SDI technology vehicles. With more power behind the wheel than ever before, ELiTE lithium technology takes you farther, faster and with plenty of charge to spare. And with zero home maintenance and an unprecedented battery warranty, you can leave the green — or your garage — worry-free every time you take the wheel.

A group of friends drive an E-Z-GO golf cart up a hill with the horizon visible in the background.

Performance Like No Other

Go where no other golf cart has gone before with E-Z-GO. Our ELiTE lithium vehicles provide a driving experience that is unmatched. Take the wheel and discover industry-leading power that lets you drive with confidence.

E-Z-GO Express S2

Maintenance? Zero.

E‑Z‑GO's ELiTE lithium vehicles are powered by trusted and reliable Samsung SDI lithium batteries. Paired with our advanced Battery Management System, these vehicles are completely worry and maintenance free.

A family walks toward an E-Z-GO golf cart.

A Battery Warranty, Unmatched

Our ELiTE lithium technology is proven to be so reliable, we offer a battery warranty unlike any other golf cart manufacturer. 8 years of coverage for your battery are included with your purchase, covering more amp hours than competitors.

E-Z-GO's Insider bag fits perfectly in the storage compartment of E-Z-GO golf carts.

More Space. More Gear.

Extra storage goes a long way — literally. Now, our ELiTE lithium vehicles have the industry's first under-seat storage compartment. Store more in this extra space with the new E-Z-GO Insider Bag, perfect for protecting your precious cargo.

Battery Management System

Our advanced Battery Management System monitors the efficiency, temperature, charge state, and overall health of your battery, optimizing your vehicle's performance. Get the most out of every ride.

A hand inserts a charger into their E-Z-GO vehicle.

Charge 2x Faster

Head out twice as fast with an E-Z-GO equipped with the World Charger. It charges your vehicle in half the time it takes a traditional lead-acid battery, giving you more time for more experiences.

A charger inserted into an E-Z-GO golf cart.

Top Off Anytime

Plug in your ELiTE lithium vehicle and charge anywhere for any amount of time, without affecting your battery’s health.

An E-Z-GO vehicle drives toward the camera with greenery surrounding it.

Be 59% More Efficient

You’ll not only go farther, you’ll arrive at your destination with more charge. ELiTE lithium vehicles are #1 in efficiency — and no other golf carts even come close.

See the Difference For Yourself

So what's the difference between ELiTE lithium and traditional batteries? ELiTE lithium exceeds traditional batteries in performance, power and longevity. See how E-Z-GO's ELiTE lithium vehicles stack up against the lead-acid rides of yesterday.

  • Efficiency

    ELiTE Lithium
    Greater efficiency than lead-acid models, with no loss in driving power as the battery is used.

    Limited efficiency, with noticeable power loss as the battery fades.

  • Maintenance

    ELiTE Lithium
    Zero maintenance required and 100% worry-free.

    Monthly watering and terminal post cleaning required.

  • Charge Time

    ELiTE Lithium
    Two times faster charging than lead-acid batteries when equipped with the World Charger.

    Slow to charge, lead-acid batteries can take hours to reach full capacity — meaning less time behind the wheel.

  • Battery Health

    ELiTE Lithium
    Charge anytime, for any length of time, without impacting your battery's lifespan.

    Must have a dedicated period of time for complete battery charging.

Two people getting into an E-Z-GO vehicle

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