We put ELiTE™ Lithium up against top competitor golf cars in a dawn-to-dusk showdown to compare performance, efficiency, and cost and when the day was done it is no surprise E-Z-GO® ELiTE came out on top...again. With over 80,000 fleet golf cars at over 1,350 courses, no other electric golf car comes close to the power, efficiency, and cost savings of an ELiTE vehicle.


#1 in annual cost of operations*

ELiTE Lithium golf cars not only perform better, they cost you less to operate, year after year.


Unparalleled Efficiency

•  Uses 1/2 the out-of-wall energy as a lead acid golf cart

•  No need to wait for a full charge to get golf carts back out on the course

•  Proven, reliable power that will not fade at the end of the day



Leader in battery performance

•  15% more efficient than competitive electric golf carts

•  After 36 holes of golf, E-Z-GO ELiTE golf carts still have enough battery to play another round

•  Advanced Battery Management System to monitor battery and keep in top performance



Undeniably Better for Turf

•  250 lbs lighter than other electric golf cars

•  Less wear and tear on turf keeps your course looking better, longer

•  Less money spent on turf repair




*Calculating annual energy cost based on 55 cars per fleet, 25,000 rounds per year and U.S. average $0.12 per KWhr.




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