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Explore the latest lineup of E-Z-GO® models and features. With all-new vehicles and fresh updates to classic E-Z-GO models, we're pushing the boundary of where a golf cart can take you. Discover what's new and find your next powerful, stylish ride.

E-Z-GO Liberty LSV

All-New Liberty LSV

Go beyond the neighborhood in the new street-legal Liberty LSV by E-Z-GO. This all-new ride comes equipped with four spacious forward-facing seats, an ELiTE Lithium Powertrain powered by Samsung SDI, and an optional infotainment system.

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A large family aboard an E-Z-GO Valor 6.

All New Valor 6

The all-new E-Z-GO Valor 6 gives you the space to do so much more. With a distinct combination of durability, functionality, and spacious comfort, it will become more about the ride than the destination.

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Redesigned & Ready to GO

Our Freedom RXV and Valor series are getting a new look for 2024. And our Express series are perfect for creating a vehicle that fits your style.

A couple driving an E-Z-GO golf cart down an empty path.

Freedom RXV

The redesigned Freedom RXV features a fresh exterior along with a fully modernized dash. Packed with the same powerful technology you expect in an E-Z-GO, you get a driving experience like no other.

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A couple driving an E-Z-GO golf cart.


The refreshed Valor series features a new exterior and a new dashboard, perfect for powering your next trip. Get everything you love about E-Z-GO in our new Valor vehicle lineup.

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A family run toward their E-Z-GO golf cart for a ride.


E-Z-GO's 2024 Express series is the way to go. With seemingly endless customization options, the only limit is your imagination. See where an Express vehicle by E-Z-GO can take you.

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