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Customer Reviews

We have a large manicured property that is getting increasingly harder to maintain as we get older. This cart has opened up every inch to us again. We opted for a utility box on back to carry tools, and aggressive tires to handle higher grass between mowing. We can easily take garbage and recycling up and down 200 yard driveway, as well as daily trips to mailbox. We've tackled numerous jobs. With cooler weather we hope to cart/stack split firewood right to our porch. WE LOVE THIS CART!
Alan K
This is the best cart I have ever owned. It is beautiful and very dependable and it charges quickly and keeps a charge for at least two rounds and probably more. It is fast and has more than enough power for all the hills. I get compliments on it all the time from other golfers.
Steve I
We have been very happy with our new EZGO Elite lithium powered cart! The cart is great looking and quite peppy. The 8 year battery warranty really helped in convincing us to buy the cart versus lesser warranties from other manufacturers. The dealer did a great job in customizing the cart with larger wheels and tires, turn signals and some other accessories. Would really like to get a rigid underseat storage bin like is offered on other carts.
Danielle and Gil H