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Many of our neighbors purchased an inexpensive import cart from a local dealer, loaded with cheap bells and whistles. Nearly all have been back to the dealer for accessory and body parts failures. Our lithium powered cart goes further at the legal speed limit, rides better, has every accessory needed (supplied as standard equipment), and is the only 4-seat cart around with all 4 seats facing forward! E-Z-GO is made right, in the USA, with the best warranty and value per $ spent.

Charles And Lora L
Liberty ELiTE Lithium

Our first golf cart and we love it. The double battery option is well worth it in my opinion. Solid, well built machine. Great dealer experience at Mikey's Motors.

Liberty ELiTE Lithium

We have a large manicured property that is getting increasingly harder to maintain as we get older. This cart has opened up every inch to us again. We opted for a utility box on back to carry tools, and aggressive tires to handle higher grass between mowing. We can easily take garbage and recycling up and down 200 yard driveway, as well as daily trips to mailbox. We've tackled numerous jobs. With cooler weather we hope to cart/stack split firewood right to our porch. WE LOVE THIS CART!

Alan K
Freedom RXV ELiTE Lithium

We were looking for a cart for the entire family to use and enjoy at the lake. This cart fit all of our needs and it looks sleek. We’ve had a lot of fun so far driving it around, waving at everyone in our lake community. Thank you to our knowledgeable and super friendly sales representatives. They truly made the process enjoyable.

Thomas K
Express L6 ELiTE Lithium

Excellent product, could not be happier.

Express L6 ELiTE Lithium

We purchased our E-Z-Go S4 Elite with an enormous amount of help from Tucker & Benny at Revel Golf Cars in Jacksonville, FL. We made numerous test drives until we found the golf cart that best suited our needs without breaking our budget. High on our list was that whatever we bought should be made in the USA, be energy efficient and have a good warranty. E-Z-Go was the only one to meet all our requirements. We are very happy with our purchase!

Jacquelin M
Express S4 ELiTE Lithium

Exceptional product with unbelievable warranty on Lithium Batteries (8yrs no proration). Vehicle is built to last!

Freedom RXV ELiTE Lithium

I bought a new 2022 EZ-GO RXV Elite with the first lithium-ion battery pack that I have ever owned. I really like the maintenance-free features. I just charge it and go.

Wilson G
Freedom RXV ELiTE Lithium

We are very happy with our EZGO Liberty. Having the four seats facing forward is ideal with grandkids and the elderly....

Daniel H
Liberty ELiTE Lithium

What a machine! Enough room for our family on this reliable, proven EZ Go dream machine. We love it and highly recommend to anyone considering a new machine.

Express L6 ELiTE Lithium