EX1 Gas Engine

EX1 Gas Engine

EZGO EX1 Gas Golf Cart Black Valor Driving

What are you really driving?

EZGO EX1 Gas Golf Cart

Competitors’ golf carts use the same generic industrial engines as power washers or generators. E-Z-GO’s EX1 was designed and purpose-built for golf carts. Once you see what’s behind other vehicles’ lackluster performance, you’ll understand why EX1 is superior to anything you’ve driven before.


We refined everything about our EX1 gas engine to ensure you can worry less and experience more.

  • The closed-loop, electronic fuel injection (EFI) system optimizes your miles per gallon no matter the driving conditions.
  • To stretch performance and efficiency, Smart Engine Management monitors the electrical system and shuts off accessories when they’re not in use.

  • An integrated starter/generator lets EX1 work like a hybrid engine, auto starting and stopping as needed for fuel economy.

  • EX1 is easier to maintain, with fewer wear parts and two-year oil change intervals.

  • With its smaller, faster spinning 150cc design, EX1 purrs. Competitors rely on oversized, generic industrial engines, which generate the thump typically associated with gas powered golf carts.

  • Thanks to EX1’s starting clutch, you’ll hear none of the downhill belt whine you experience in other carts.

There's an EX1 for You

We offer multiple EX1-powered models to help you find a ride that you love.

EZGO Freedom RXV Metallic Charcoal gas golf cart with Black Steering Wheel Accessory
Freedom RXV Gas
$8,782 Starting MSRP
  • +3
EZGO Freedom TXT Ocean Gray with Tire Accessory
Freedom TXT Gas
$8,082 Starting MSRP
  • +3
EZGO Valor Platinum personal golf cart with comfortable golf cart windshield accessory
Valor Gas
$7,099 Starting MSRP